Vision for the 21st Century Research Library

Talk given at the University of Michigan Library, January 31, 2014

Second Wave:

How and Why is Higher Education in the United States Changing [2007, in Polish]

A QuickTime video of my talk (in Polish) at 4th Conference on the Progress of e-Learning in Business Higher Education,, November 2007, Wrocław, Poland.

[See also: submitted paper (PDF, in Polish)]

Projekt Badawczy HIV/AIDS

Kooperacja Naukowa USA-Afryka z Wykorzystaniem Internetu [2002, in Polish]

Abstract: A Windows Media recording of a talk describing the use of web conferencing in the scientivic collaboration on HIV/AIDS involving researchers in the USA and in Southern Africa. Given via the Internet (Centra Symposium) to various institutions of higher learning in Poland. [in Polish]

Krótkie wystąpienie

na II Krajowej Konferencji - Technologia Informacyjna

w Zmieniającej się Edukacji [2001, in Polish]

Abstract: A Real Media recording of a short address given via the Internet at the 2nd National Conference: IT in the Changing Education. [in Polish]