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On November 18, 1979, in Guyana, members of the Peoples Temple were asked/coerced/forced to drink a mixture of cyanide and Kool-Aid. Over 900 people died, including children, and their cult leader – Jim Jones.

Raise the cup.

Drink up.

Lay down.



It is only a moment.

A minute, perhaps.

It will hurt

But a little.

Hush! Don't cry.

Do you see

The pearly gates

of heaven?

I am there

Waiting for you.

I am your angel.

Follow me.

Oh, you people

of little faith

Little trust.

Do as you are told.

Free yourselves

From all the pain

Of living.

This is freedom

I offer.

Run into the jungle,

If you want.

Your brothers

Will shoot you.

Caymans will crush

Your bones.

Flies will burrow

In your flesh.

Nature knows

No mercy.

But I am merciful.

So drink this up

And die already.

Remember, I love you.

Ypsilanti, August 2021