Tim Robbins

in: "Skinny Legs And All"

chunky spectacles rode his sharp little nose like the wheels of a chariot overrunning an emaciated fourth-century Christian

political convictions weaken morality and religious convictions weaken the mind.

When humans were young, they were pushed around in strollers. When they were old, they were pushed around in wheelchairs. In between, they were just pushed around.

it was the scalding vats that purged Abu, the sinks seething with submerged cutlery, drowned cockroaches, and floating boogers of sauce béarnaise. Wire brush ritualistically in hand, he would part the soapy veil and enter his underwater grotto in the manner of a pilgrim entering a sacred river to bathe. Beside a greasy Ganges of goose gunk, he laid his burdens down.

religion is a paramount contributor to human misery. It is not merely the opium of the masses, it is the cyanide.

How limiting, how insulting to think of God as a benevolent warden, an absentee hatchery manager who imprisons us in the “comfort” of artificial pools, where intermediaries sprinkle our restrictive waters with sanitized flakes of processed nutriment.

not only is religion divisive and oppressive, it is also a denial of all that is divine in people; it is a suffocation of the soul.

The average woman’s purse weighs approximately one kilo. The average woman’s heart weights nine ounces. Can a woman who does not know the contents of her handbag know the contents of her heart?

it was impossible for her to picture God just stomping on the brakes one day and sending the world flying through the windshield.

to emphasize the afterlife is to deny life. To concentrate on heaven is to create hell

The first thunderstorm of the season was in the dressing room, donning its black robes and its necklace of hailstones, strapping on its electrical sword.

her body was so bathed in sweat that her clothing stuck to her, causing her thighs to present themselves like mackerel fillets on a platter, and her nipples to protrude like rubber erasers through wet Kleenex.

since religion bore false witness to the Divine, religion was blasphemy. And once it entered into its unholy alliance with politics, it became the most dangerous and repressive force that the world has ever known.